When I first began planning I was constantly downloading new printable’s and putting them in my binder. After about a year of doing it successfully I began making my own. I only have a few made up now and they’re not perfect nor the best, but they work for me and hopefully some of you. I make sure everything is editable just in case there is something you want to add or remove from one of my printable’s. I do everything from a yearly calendar to a weekly meal planning and even budgeting.

With my binder though I have almost everything you can think of in it. I have a contacts page right up front just in case there’s an emergency and I need a number fast. I have a babysitter information section, which has the kids schedule, allergies, emergency contact numbers, and a section to mark if the kids have been bad at all. I believe that is a good section to have, because I like to know how the children are behaving at all times.

I have my daily section after that which includes everything I need to get done that day, who I need to contact, what I need to buy, and errands that need running. Its just the basics because I had many different inserts that were way too much for me. I couldn’t stand the play by play time schedules. I also have my weekly planner. This shows me everything I need to get done and what goals I have for the week, along with side notes about other things. This has an hourly time schedule so that when I make appointments for the week I know which times I am free, and when I’m not.

In between each section I have uplifting quotes. This is always good for anyone!! They sometimes help me get through the day if I feel overwhelmed at all. After my weekly schedule I have my monthly meal planning schedule along with my weekly one as well. My weekly planner has an ingredients section so I know exactly what to get that week from the store if I don’t have it. I also have a grocery list available in there as well.

Once you’re passed all that it comes into the medical information. This is mainly my father-in-laws information though. I keep a list of his medications in this, his doctors names and numbers, and also my POA papers for him. This way I have everything that I need right at my fingertips when I need it. It makes life so much easier instead of always forgetting to pack his pills, forgetting what pills he is on, not having the proper documentation so they wont talk to you, and things along that nature. Lastly, I have a section for all my business cards I receive and keep. I like having this because I can keep my contacts page for my family rather than businesses.

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