The Importance of Co-Parenting

I know yes she has already wrote a blog on co-parenting, but I never wrote about the true importance of them. Trying to get along with the parent of your children is highly important! You don’t want your kids growing up in a broken family. They need to see their parents getting along for their sake. Sadly this is not the case with my family and it breaks my heart. Our oldest daughter asks me all the time why her mommy and daddy don’t get along and I just tell her that they have their differences. It just hurts the children.

How hard do you think it will be to miss your child’s first soccer game, first day of school, or even school pictures? These are things we have to deal with, and it takes a huge toll on my husband. I feel so bad for him on a daily basis, because of everything he has to miss. There are days where the kids drive us insane, but nobody wants to miss these important things. They are big moments in a child’s life and its something that really does mean a lot to the kids. They want their parents to be there for them always and its hard to be there when ‘you’re not allowed’. I cant wait for everything to change soon and be able to attend everyhing that we want to.

Trying to co-parent with someone is very hard. People need to just put their feelings aside and let each other be there for the kids. I know it broke my heart not being able to see all of Makayla’s soccer games. So was my parents, because they play a huge role in their life as well. Being around the chidren is the highlight of their days anymore, and to be deprived of seeing them do something they ove is just hurtful. I pray and I pray that they can finally workout their differences and just get along for once. I just want the kids to have a united family. I understand that for some families that it is nearly impossible to coincide with o another, but I ant mine to o it.

I hate having to see the children suffer from their families not getting along. They need to learn to how to put their feelings aside and get along. That is a hard lesson in life. If someone at their school or work doesn’t get along with them, they don’t need to know to treat that person poorly because that’s how their parents do it. They need to learn to kill people with kindness. That is what my family always taught me growing up and that’s what my personal beliefs are.


Hopefully all of you can learn to co-parent for your children and let them know that love is everywhere


Ginger Mama

A little mom to mom rant

You know I had this whole blog written about this woman I couldn’t stand, and i was about to post it until i realized how petty i was being. I need to stop letting these little things bother me so much. Its just hard working hard to get where you are and others get things handed to them. it drives me insane anymore. I started this blog to help others like me. step moms who aren’t involved because they cant be, women suffering from endometriosis, women suffering from ¬†failing marriage, how to manage having a manipulative man, dealing with an abusive man, managing mayhem daily, all your planning needs, and basically anything else that you want t talk about.

I was excited how many views I got on my regular wordpress blog the first night, and th is why i decided to make this one. I hope that people will start seeing the honesty behind my blogs and why I write them. I want people to know someone is always here and will always care. I went through a lot of struggles in my past and now look a me. I’m a stay at home mom blogger, who hopes and prays that her blog will take off one day.

Im beginning to realize more and more in my life that I overthink a lot. I need to just slow down and hold on, because its never an easy ride. Life is tough, but so am I. I have been doing a lot better since i started to make my own planner inserts though. I really like the way they turned out and am excited to start making more. Doing those little things don’t let the other little things bother me. I get to preoccupied.

heres to hoping and praying my blog will soon flourish and be everything I want it to be.


Ginger Mama