Bringing on the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. We gained a puppy, our youngest turned one and oldest six, our 3-year-old is reading, my marriage is stronger than ever, my family has grown by one person, and school will be over this new year! I can’t believe all the amazing things we have done and we have in store for this new year.


I’m going to be improving myself now this new year. I have goals set and I am sticking to them! I have started using this new face mask and it has been AMAZING! My skin feels so soft after them. They’re made by pureandsimpleformoms on etsy. They’re seriously the best thing ever and the best part is that they are all organic. So, you’re not putting any chemicals o your face that will make you have a rash or something in that nature. Personally, they work wonders for me and I hope they do you as well. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and started to really work hard keeping up with maintaining and losing the weight rather than gaining! Especially this holiday season.

I also got my new planner that I am so excited to start using! I now have a planner for pretty much everything. Everyday life, cleaning, organizing, holidays, financing, letters to my kids, mood tracker, and also my faith journal. Yes I have decided to regrow in y faith and become a catholic. This is where my spiritual guide has lead me and I am excited to see how far it takes me. This year has been full of new changes and this new year will only continue to get better.


I’ve learned to just get along with other people. Some people will never change and it’s better to get along with people than to constantly bicker. Especially for my children. They deserve the world and that what I am going to give them. No matter how hard it may get sometimes it’ll all be worth it when they grow up. They may not remember much when they get older about what presents they got, or where they went, but they will remember how you acted and towards people they love.


This new year is going to be a great one for me and I am excited! I cannot wait for things to start happening and changing. They’re so many new surprises coming and I cannot wait to share them with you all. This is going to be my best year yet! I’m not going to make this post long because I know everyone has goals to set and is going to star5t working towards them today, right? Let’s make this our year!


Happy New Year

Ginger Mama

Mama’s who DON’T got it together

I may seem like a mom who has it all together, when truthfully, I am not. I suffer from anxiety and I don’t always clean my house up to par. I lose my shit. Every mom loses their shit once and a while and that’s OKAY! We do a lot and when our plates get full we just can’t help it. It’s the 23rd of December now and I still haven’t wrapped presents yet. I started them but there certainly not close to being finished. I try and try but it seems like I get nowhere.

My planners help me stay on track but sometimes they can be a pain. I like to decorate my planners and there is just too many to decorate. I am going to start a course on how to use multiple planners even though I already do, what can it hurt? I can only benefit from it. This will help me organize my life more and help with the housework!

Yes, my house is not the greatest. It’s not a wreck but its lived in. That’s how most houses look, lived in. So, before people think man this woman has it all together, I DON’T. My children drive me crazy, the dogs are nuts. I don’t always get to my housework because I’m playing with the kids, and getting to go to the bathroom alone is IMPOSSIBLE. Life is wonderful though. I wouldn’t trade these chaotic moments for anything. My life is organized mayhem and I LOVE it.

My kids have everything they need and more, plus most things they want. They’re spoiled rotten and I don’t care what people think. They dress better than me, they eat better than me, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Your children come first no matter what. Once you decide to have a baby you decide to be a parent.

I’m not a parent who has life figured out. I’m still going to school, my husband works long hours, we are about to move, and the dogs drive me insane! These are the moments I live for. I live for the mayhem every day. It keeps me sane. Yes, I have a million planners but that doesn’t mean they’re organized!

Feel free to message me at for any helpful tips or enco0uragement you may need, if you’re a struggling momma or dad.



Ginger Mama



Stop apologizing for wanting a break

People think that all moms are some type of superhero or  something. That they can handle everything and are supposed to handle it all. The only thing is we can’t ever complain about it. Especially stay at home moms. The man works all day and expects you to clean, cook, care for the kids, the animals, the yard, and so much more, but never needing a break from it. Why? Because we don’t ‘work’. I’m sorry but being a stay at home mom is working and so much more. Not only are we a cook, maid, teacher, parent, landscaper, and much more but we are also just human beings. Human beings that need a break.

Yeah, my house isn’t spotless like some stay at home moms, and I am sorry about that. The thing is I’m too busy with my children to focus on my housework. I only get these moments once in a lifetime. Does my husband get irritated? Yes he does! Our house isn’t destroyed though. Its lived in. It shows that I have a corner dedicated to Marlene’s toys, my end table is crowded with my planning essentials, and our ottoman is overflowing with blankets. I need a break. From everyone in my family. Sometimes us moms need to get together and go out for a coffee to  let off some steam. Especially when we get overwhelmed with everything and life just keeps pushing us down.

Some people have husbands who take housework a little too seriously and will really get angry when the house isn’t perfect when they get home. They don understand why its not clean because they’ve been home all day and it should be spotless and there should be dinner on the table. Listen bud, I don’t know what rock you climbed out of, but some days that can’t happen. Stuff happens all the time and plans change because of them. You cant be perfect all the time and you definitely can’t blame your significant other if the house is usually clean besides one day.

So ladies I’m telling you now ASK FOR A BREAK! Just tell your significant others that you need to get out and just get away for an hour Just to see what they say. Hopefully he is an understanding man and will say yes, but if you have a man who doesn’t understand, Just foe one day have him do all the work and you be gone all day. See how he likes it. I bet right away he will apologize and let you have the break you deserve to have. It takes a lot to be a stay at home mom so never apologize for needing some alone time. We DESERVE along time. With coffee. Lots of coffee!


Well everyone I’m going to tell you about my health condition. I have something called endometriosis that starts off inside a woman’s reproductive system, but can spread outside of it. Which mine has done. I have my endometriosis all over my body. It is on my tubes to my kidneys, bladder, liver, and even my lungs. They are doing a full hysterectomy at 23 on Tuesday! A FULL ONE! I’m so nervous. I can only imagine the pain I am going to be in and it scares me. I won’t lie when I say I suffer from anxiety and this surgery has my anxiety on the fritz!

Hopefully, and I’m sure, everything will be okay! My father and my husband will be there for me. My dad has never missed a surgery of mine, and I was nervous he would miss this one to help mom with the kids. This is a very painful thing to have. I have lived my life in pure pain for about 3 years now, and it has been miserable. I was told for the first year I was faking my pain, that I only wanted the pain medication, when that was not the case! I finally decided to see a different doctor! She decided to do a laparoscopy where they found me covered in endometriosis. They do not know what causes it, some say its hereditary to be honest. I believe that’s how I got mine.

I was on a vitamin supplement for a very long time, and that actually helped me a lot with my pain. I was no longer suffering every day, but then I got pregnant. I had to stop taking all of my vitamins which caused my endometriosis to spread. Most people say that with the progesterone in your body with being pregnant that it won’t spread, but that was not the case for me. Mine actually got worse, and more painful. My doctor told me that I could get a shot every week to shut down my ovaries or have the full hysterectomy. Why would I want to waste money every week when I can fix he problem in a day? So we decided right then we wanted the hysterectomy. I was scared because I am only 23 years old and will be going through menopause. That is what scares me the most.

If you suffer from this disease or know some who does, don’t be afraid to shoot them my way. I can always be a support system and an advice giver. I have tried everything but nothing worked for me, and his is my last option. I’ve tried to avoid it for a long time, but its not getting any better its getting worse.


Ginger Mama

A little mom to mom rant

You know I had this whole blog written about this woman I couldn’t stand, and i was about to post it until i realized how petty i was being. I need to stop letting these little things bother me so much. Its just hard working hard to get where you are and others get things handed to them. it drives me insane anymore. I started this blog to help others like me. step moms who aren’t involved because they cant be, women suffering from endometriosis, women suffering from  failing marriage, how to manage having a manipulative man, dealing with an abusive man, managing mayhem daily, all your planning needs, and basically anything else that you want t talk about.

I was excited how many views I got on my regular wordpress blog the first night, and th is why i decided to make this one. I hope that people will start seeing the honesty behind my blogs and why I write them. I want people to know someone is always here and will always care. I went through a lot of struggles in my past and now look a me. I’m a stay at home mom blogger, who hopes and prays that her blog will take off one day.

Im beginning to realize more and more in my life that I overthink a lot. I need to just slow down and hold on, because its never an easy ride. Life is tough, but so am I. I have been doing a lot better since i started to make my own planner inserts though. I really like the way they turned out and am excited to start making more. Doing those little things don’t let the other little things bother me. I get to preoccupied.

heres to hoping and praying my blog will soon flourish and be everything I want it to be.


Ginger Mama

School and Life

So I am in this IT class, and it is hard for me. I won’t lie when I say that I struggle a lot at it mainly because I have no idea what i am doing. I can atch numerous videos on it and still never understand exactly what I am doing.  I have a relatively good grade in the class though, only because I follow his rubric to a T and never miss a thing on it. I’m not necessarily learning anything from the class, but I am doing great!

I just had a HUGE power point due and I have been stressing over my grade for a week now. Well guess what? I got a 16/16! I’ve never been more excited until now. I was literally screaming I was so happy. Don, my husband, didn’t know what to think until I told him why I was so happy. This was a big deal for me, because I worked really hard for a week straight on this. I exceeded everything that he required and to be completely honest, I cant tell you a thing about it!

It is hard to juggle my schoolwork with everything, but it will be all worth it in the end. I am going to school for my Associates in health Administration and also a certificate for medical coding and billing. I am excited to start my career when the kids go to school. Don wants me to be a stay at home mom until all the children are in school full-time, that way we don’t have to worry about them in someone else’s care.

Especially now a days. There have been so many bad things happening in daycare’s and by babysitters that I cant trust anyone with my children. Well my mom I can trust. She just spoils the kids rotten. They love their Nonna very much. If she was a stay at home grandma then the children would definitely be in her care rather than anyone else’s, but no she has to have a job! haha

Our oldest daughter, Makayla, absolutely loves the fact that I go to school. Mainly because I tell her that if she doesn’t bother mama when doing her schoolwork that my very first paycheck we are going out shopping! She hasn’t let that one live down, not even a little. The two younger ones, Liam and Addison, still don quite understand what I am doing; other than the fact I am on the computer. I hope to inspire them one day that its never too late to go back to school. As long as you have the right mind set, everything is possible. No matter what it is, and I hope when they are older that they can look back at these moments and remember that.