Prioritizing your life

This morning, after my coffee of course, I decided to do my workout at home rather than the gym. I must say I really am tired now. I decided it was time for me to set aside priorities throughout my day of what needs and what I want to get done. Especially after reading this book I have been enjoying. It’s called ‘say goodbye to survival mode’ and it has helped me a lot. I am realizing now what is more important than anything else.


It has you do activities in the book to help you realize and prioritize your life. It calls it your best stuff list and everyone’s are different. My main things are as follows

  1. Maintain a good and heathy relationship with my husband
  2. Have and maintain my religion
  3. Spend as much quality time with my children as I can
  4. Exercise exercise exercise
  5. Write my blogs
  6. Maintain my home

I need to set aside how many hours a day I am going to spend on each of these.   That is the hard part; finding time to get everything I want/need done in one day. As a Christian woman, my faith is important to me and I like to spend at least an hour working in my faith journal. This helps me with my relationship with the lord and feel closer to him. I started to realize with my busy schedule I have been having that I haven’t been spending enough time with my husband and my children. Yes, I am a stay at home mom but they won’t be this little for long and I need to make sure I catch every moment of every day with them. I don’t want to miss a thing. As for my husband, I don’t want our relationship to start drifting into a pattern of “how was your day” “what’s the weather like” “did you get the kids ready for school”; I want something real. Something that is going to refuel the fire we had.

I try my hardest to get everything done and say yes to do everything when in all honesty, I just need to say no sometimes. My plate is full but I keep overflowing it with more and more things. I feel like I must do certain things and it’s starting to make me have mini panic attacks from not getting everything done. For instance, my planners. I’m so dedicated to decorating them, that sometimes I forget to write in there what needs to be done and forget about it! Just the other day I forgot about a doctor’s appointment I had! Thank goodness for reminder calls!

There’s so many things in one day that I have committed myself to do and not enough time in the day to get it done. Especially since it gets dark so early now! It’s been so dreary here that I can’t get anything done outside I want to. I started to feel like I was failing at being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, everything! Then I read this book and realized I wasn’t failing I was just expecting too much of myself. If I only give myself what I can handle, then I won’t feel like a failure but I will accomplish everything that needs to be done! I can do this! I can be supermom without having to take on so manty different things!

If you feel like you can’t do something, just go through your list of things that must be done and prioritize your life. Cleaning can get done but watching your daughter take her first steps is something you can’t get back. Really reevaluate everything in your life and make it your own, to where it works for you!


Ginger Mama

How I started Planning


Before I got married, I was so unorganized. I didn’t have a care in the world. I would go day by day, hour by hour. Finding things to do and missing already scheduled things. I would have plans with a friend I would forget about, doctors appointments I would miss, or even family events I’d miss. It became a huge problem for me to be quite honest. When I got married though we had a total of three kids right off the bat. Our son and then his two girls, so I had no room for missed dates anymore. I had to do something and fast.

I began searching online on how to become more organized and one day I decided to put it into affect. I decided to make a binder filled with all the things i had to do that day, week, and month. At first it was going great, I wasn’t missing or forgetting about a thing! Except I started to realize that I was slacking on my cleaning, bad.. My husband would get upset over this terribly, and it would cause us to get into an argument. Finally, I had enough and decided to add a cleaning schedule to my binder. once I inserted that, things started to run more smoothly around the house.

I was seeing a happier husband which made for a happier wife. i then began making my own inserts for my binder. Which I won’t lie, it was pretty difficult. Everything started to fall into place for me. I felt like I had everything under control until I had to start taking care of my father-in-law. He has Alzheimer’s and I take him to the doctors, visit him daily, go to the gym with him, and do his pills. Well it started to put a huge damper in my schedule, because I couldn’t find time to do everything in one day. I had to completely redo all of my inserts again to work around him as well. I began to forget things that I was told to do or appointments I made that day and it started to get really upsetting for me. I then created this insert to be able to jot down any information I needed to Blog topics, doctors appointments, refill reminders, basically anything I needed them for.


Once I FINALLLLLLLY  got organized again life decided to knock me down one last time. I started to forget groceries! I would go to cook a meal and not have all the ingredients that I needed to make it. After doing that about 6 times I decided to make a weekly and monthly meal planning kit. This helped a lot because I shop every month and sometimes every two weeks for groceries. Next to my weekly kit had an ingredients section so I know what I need every time. This helped me because I could check my pantry, fridge, and freezer every week for the ingredients. You may wonder why I use both monthly and weekly, and that is a question I love to answer. I do it because when we go shopping at the end of each month I can compare which ingredients I need exactly for the month so we are not over or under stocked. I then do the weekly planning because it shows me what I need for that week and if I used it already I know I need to get more before that day. I try to stay as organized as possible.

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Ginger Mama

My book of life


I take this with me everywhere I go! It has everything from my important dates,my father-in-laws medication list, my kids doctors information, my cleaning schedule, weekly meal planning, monthly and yearl goals, and also daily/weekly tasks to get done. This book is a life savior.

Sometimes when I misplace it, I feel like i am going to go insane without it. With all my schoolwork that I have to do and everything else with the kids and my family it gets too hard to go without it. Lately Ive needed it more and more. I just started to learn to make new inserts and I cannot wait to share them with my subscribers. I will have links to where you can print them off. I will be selling packets though on my Etsy shop that I have.

I make crib bedding and personalized name door decor. Trying to always stay on top of things is really hard. especially when you just feel overwhelmed. I get that way a lot since my husband broke his femur and has been home a lot. I feel like I have 3-5 kids to take care of! I sometimes let the housework slack becuase I dont know how to handle it all, but I always get back on track. always.

Even when I really dont want to do my schoolwork (like tonight), I still get it done because I have to. I have been struggling a lot lately on how to juggle everything, but with a little optimism and faith I can pull right out of that funk. Planners are fun to have and are very helpful for a woman like me!


Ginger Mama