Prioritizing your life

This morning, after my coffee of course, I decided to do my workout at home rather than the gym. I must say I really am tired now. I decided it was time for me to set aside priorities throughout my day of what needs and what I want to get done. Especially after reading this book I have been enjoying. It’s called ‘say goodbye to survival mode’ and it has helped me a lot. I am realizing now what is more important than anything else.


It has you do activities in the book to help you realize and prioritize your life. It calls it your best stuff list and everyone’s are different. My main things are as follows

  1. Maintain a good and heathy relationship with my husband
  2. Have and maintain my religion
  3. Spend as much quality time with my children as I can
  4. Exercise exercise exercise
  5. Write my blogs
  6. Maintain my home

I need to set aside how many hours a day I am going to spend on each of these.   That is the hard part; finding time to get everything I want/need done in one day. As a Christian woman, my faith is important to me and I like to spend at least an hour working in my faith journal. This helps me with my relationship with the lord and feel closer to him. I started to realize with my busy schedule I have been having that I haven’t been spending enough time with my husband and my children. Yes, I am a stay at home mom but they won’t be this little for long and I need to make sure I catch every moment of every day with them. I don’t want to miss a thing. As for my husband, I don’t want our relationship to start drifting into a pattern of “how was your day” “what’s the weather like” “did you get the kids ready for school”; I want something real. Something that is going to refuel the fire we had.

I try my hardest to get everything done and say yes to do everything when in all honesty, I just need to say no sometimes. My plate is full but I keep overflowing it with more and more things. I feel like I must do certain things and it’s starting to make me have mini panic attacks from not getting everything done. For instance, my planners. I’m so dedicated to decorating them, that sometimes I forget to write in there what needs to be done and forget about it! Just the other day I forgot about a doctor’s appointment I had! Thank goodness for reminder calls!

There’s so many things in one day that I have committed myself to do and not enough time in the day to get it done. Especially since it gets dark so early now! It’s been so dreary here that I can’t get anything done outside I want to. I started to feel like I was failing at being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, everything! Then I read this book and realized I wasn’t failing I was just expecting too much of myself. If I only give myself what I can handle, then I won’t feel like a failure but I will accomplish everything that needs to be done! I can do this! I can be supermom without having to take on so manty different things!

If you feel like you can’t do something, just go through your list of things that must be done and prioritize your life. Cleaning can get done but watching your daughter take her first steps is something you can’t get back. Really reevaluate everything in your life and make it your own, to where it works for you!


Ginger Mama

A Sick Mom

Hello Friends!

Today I woke up so sick! I could hardly move without wanting to vomit! My wonderful husband though decided to take 3 out of the 4 children to the gym and then the store, this way I could stay at home and rest. Well he had a meeting for work tonight; which meant me alone with four kids. I wont lie I am so glad they are in bed now! It was a long 3 hours without him.

The kids refused to eat, they didn’t want to pick up their toys, and it was non stop! They were whining over everything. I love my children more and more every day, but sometimes a mom needs a break. It was wonderful being alone with our daughter Marlene, but I would like time all to myself. Moms don’t get sick days. I didn’t get anything done today! I have been slacking on the housework and everything. We just got back from vacation, it was wonderful, and I am still in vacation mode. I don’t want to come back yet.

My wonderful husband cooked dinner for the children before he left and all he asked was that I make the bread sticks. Needless to say I’m so sick I was busy doing other things and burnt them. It was a good laugh when he got home though. Things are very rough in the household right now with me being sick and having all 4 kids plus my husband being home. I need to get back on schedule that way my house is somewhat back to organization rather than looking like a tornado went off in it. I know it drives my husband insane and I honestly feel bad, but I will get back to it once I start feeling better!

If it wasn’t for my husband today, I have no idea how I would’ve gotten through the day. It has been really stressful and busy. With him by my side though I know we can accomplish anything. He helps me when I am feeling down and just need someone to be there for me. He is truly my rock and I couldn’t ask for a better person to have by my side right now.

Ginger Mama

bay wearing to get things done
bay wearing to get things done



Oh boy where do I begin with this one. The first year of marriage is HARD. Getting used to being around someone for a long period of time, getting used to bad habits, the arguing, not seeing eye to eye, and more is really tough. I wont lie, there are days I want to strangle my husband, but I love him dearly!

He has been off work since February because he broke his femur, and it has been rough! Constantly around each other 24/7. I can catch a break. Before when the children would nap I could get 2 hours to myself and relax or clean up for the day. Now I’m lucky to get 10 minutes to myself! I really enjoyed the time together the first couple of months because he works long hours, but after that became enough.

He is my everything from my rock to my best friend. He helps with the cleaning, kids, and cooking so  I cant complain too much. He may have his moments, but what man doesn’t. You ask any couple if their husband annoys them at times or gets on their nerves and they will all say of course! No matter how many arguments my husband and I may get into we will always love one another. Marriage takes patience and time. Especially at my house. with all the organized mayhem and the kids we have to have patience and seems like we never get enough time.

In 1 Corinthians 7:28 Paul says “Those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.” This verse goes to show that just because you guys may fight or have bad times together that it doesn’t mean you have a bad marriage, it simply states that you are experiencing a tough time right now.

My husband and I argue, but I respect him and try to show him that respect daily even though sometimes it is hard. Every man wants to feel respected just like every woman wants to feel loved. Ephesians 5:33 states, “However each one of you must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” This is something good to know if you are new to a marriage or are struggling in one. This is why when we fight and then get over it my husband will always know that I do respect him. I hope that some of you learn some from this blog and will be excited to read more on marriage from me.


Ginger Mama

Loving Life

Sitting here tonight doing my schoolwork, yes I’m in college, I started to realize how truly lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband who works very hard to support our family. We may fight and really dislike each other at times, but we will always love one another. We have a total of 4

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