Wrangling the Church Chaos

Have you ever just woke up on a Sunday morning unmotivated..? Have that feeling that you just don’t want to get up and go, but you WANT to go to church so you do anyways. Struggling to get your coffee while chasing the kids around. All while letting the dogs out and feeding them their breakfast. Yeah, that’s my Sunday morning typically.

It’s so difficult to get the kids up and ready that sometimes I debate pulling my hair out. Now my church is 45 minutes away so I have to leave with extra time to spare. Needless to say we are indeed late at times. Thankfully our pastor is wonderful and it doesn’t phase her at all. She accepts that the Bickford clan can’t always be on time.

When we get to church is a different story. The kids are actually well behaved and listen. It’s a MIRACLE! For all four kids to sit there quietly and actually listen to me is a wonderful feeling. I get time to myself when they go to junior church and the baby is in the nursery. I get to catch up on my bible journaling, which I love to do, and I don’t get enough time in the day to do it. This is the perfect time for me to reflect on the week ahead and gather my self being.

To allow my children to get to know and learn more about the Lord is an amazing thing. They all love going to church and have fun while there. For them to build relationship with our Savior truly makes my heart happy in every way. They read from their bibles every day and are actually excited for the stories to come. I could read them simple fairytale books but what’s the true meaning behind them. At least with their bibles there’s purpose behind each story. In the end,¬†wrangling the church chaos is definitely worth every hectic moment.


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