New year! New HOUSE!

Well the new year has brought a lot of ups to us and I couldn’t be more thankful and blessed. We have really worked hard to get where we are today and I couldn’t be more happy with our success. School is going full force, husband has been working like crazy, kids are growing and developing great, and our marriage is stronger than ever. I am so proud of my husband for everything he has done for our family. He truly is amazing and works hard for our family.

Lately we have been having a lot of ups and downs, but what couple doesn’t. If anyone tells you that they are the perfect couple then they are lying. Everyone has arguments over the the silliest things and that happens here a lot. I have never thought to myself though that I want to just give up and walk away. Why? Because I love the man. He works hard for our family and supports me the best he can. He works overtime all the time just so we can live a good life. He helps me a lot!

When it comes to me doing my homework, now that’s another story. He doesn’t do well with technology courses and that’s what I am in now and its difficult. Especially trying to do homework with four kids, two dogs, a new house to upkeep, and never ending laundry! I wish I had a maid honestly! It would make things so much easier haha I need to make a better set schedule than what I have to help me organize more.

I learned that meal planning is a MUST for us because there is so many of us and my family comes up too. With out meal planning our dinners would absolutely hectic and famish. With my meal planning schedule though we get to eat healthier, have more, and be able to be organized with whats in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. This helps me know what I need to get from the store each 2 weeks. also my InstantPot has SAVED my life! its so easy to use and clean its ridiculous. I love using that and my crockpot!

If you would like great recipes to use for your dinners just shoot me an email and I would love to help you out. Once I get my schedule reorganized with the new house I will post that as well. Now that its bigger there is more places to clean and get things done.


Have a blessed day everyone

Ginger Mama

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