Mama’s who DON’T got it together

I may seem like a mom who has it all together, when truthfully, I am not. I suffer from anxiety and I don’t always clean my house up to par. I lose my shit. Every mom loses their shit once and a while and that’s OKAY! We do a lot and when our plates get full we just can’t help it. It’s the 23rd of December now and I still haven’t wrapped presents yet. I started them but there certainly not close to being finished. I try and try but it seems like I get nowhere.

My planners help me stay on track but sometimes they can be a pain. I like to decorate my planners and there is just too many to decorate. I am going to start a course on how to use multiple planners even though I already do, what can it hurt? I can only benefit from it. This will help me organize my life more and help with the housework!

Yes, my house is not the greatest. It’s not a wreck but its lived in. That’s how most houses look, lived in. So, before people think man this woman has it all together, I DON’T. My children drive me crazy, the dogs are nuts. I don’t always get to my housework because I’m playing with the kids, and getting to go to the bathroom alone is IMPOSSIBLE. Life is wonderful though. I wouldn’t trade these chaotic moments for anything. My life is organized mayhem and I LOVE it.

My kids have everything they need and more, plus most things they want. They’re spoiled rotten and I don’t care what people think. They dress better than me, they eat better than me, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Your children come first no matter what. Once you decide to have a baby you decide to be a parent.

I’m not a parent who has life figured out. I’m still going to school, my husband works long hours, we are about to move, and the dogs drive me insane! These are the moments I live for. I live for the mayhem every day. It keeps me sane. Yes, I have a million planners but that doesn’t mean they’re organized!

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