Stop apologizing for wanting a break

People think that all moms are some type of superhero or ┬ásomething. That they can handle everything and are supposed to handle it all. The only thing is we can’t ever complain about it. Especially stay at home moms. The man works all day and expects you to clean, cook, care for the kids, the animals, the yard, and so much more, but never needing a break from it. Why? Because we don’t ‘work’. I’m sorry but being a stay at home mom is working and so much more. Not only are we a cook, maid, teacher, parent, landscaper, and much more but we are also just human beings. Human beings that need a break.

Yeah, my house isn’t spotless like some stay at home moms, and I am sorry about that. The thing is I’m too busy with my children to focus on my housework. I only get these moments once in a lifetime. Does my husband get irritated? Yes he does! Our house isn’t destroyed though. Its lived in. It shows that I have a corner dedicated to Marlene’s toys, my end table is crowded with my planning essentials, and our ottoman is overflowing with blankets. I need a break. From everyone in my family. Sometimes us moms need to get together and go out for a coffee to ┬álet off some steam. Especially when we get overwhelmed with everything and life just keeps pushing us down.

Some people have husbands who take housework a little too seriously and will really get angry when the house isn’t perfect when they get home. They don understand why its not clean because they’ve been home all day and it should be spotless and there should be dinner on the table. Listen bud, I don’t know what rock you climbed out of, but some days that can’t happen. Stuff happens all the time and plans change because of them. You cant be perfect all the time and you definitely can’t blame your significant other if the house is usually clean besides one day.

So ladies I’m telling you now ASK FOR A BREAK! Just tell your significant others that you need to get out and just get away for an hour Just to see what they say. Hopefully he is an understanding man and will say yes, but if you have a man who doesn’t understand, Just foe one day have him do all the work and you be gone all day. See how he likes it. I bet right away he will apologize and let you have the break you deserve to have. It takes a lot to be a stay at home mom so never apologize for needing some alone time. We DESERVE along time. With coffee. Lots of coffee!

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