Well everyone I’m going to tell you about my health condition. I have something called endometriosis that starts off inside a woman’s reproductive system, but can spread outside of it. Which mine has done. I have my endometriosis all over my body. It is on my tubes to my kidneys, bladder, liver, and even my lungs. They are doing a full hysterectomy at 23 on Tuesday! A FULL ONE! I’m so nervous. I can only imagine the pain I am going to be in and it scares me. I won’t lie when I say I suffer from anxiety and this surgery has my anxiety on the fritz!

Hopefully, and I’m sure, everything will be okay! My father and my husband will be there for me. My dad has never missed a surgery of mine, and I was nervous he would miss this one to help mom with the kids. This is a very painful thing to have. I have lived my life in pure pain for about 3 years now, and it has been miserable. I was told for the first year I was faking my pain, that I only wanted the pain medication, when that was not the case! I finally decided to see a different doctor! She decided to do a laparoscopy where they found me covered in endometriosis. They do not know what causes it, some say its hereditary to be honest. I believe that’s how I got mine.

I was on a vitamin supplement for a very long time, and that actually helped me a lot with my pain. I was no longer suffering every day, but then I got pregnant. I had to stop taking all of my vitamins which caused my endometriosis to spread. Most people say that with the progesterone in your body with being pregnant that it won’t spread, but that was not the case for me. Mine actually got worse, and more painful. My doctor told me that I could get a shot every week to shut down my ovaries or have the full hysterectomy. Why would I want to waste money every week when I can fix he problem in a day? So we decided right then we wanted the hysterectomy. I was scared because I am only 23 years old and will be going through menopause. That is what scares me the most.

If you suffer from this disease or know some who does, don’t be afraid to shoot them my way. I can always be a support system and an advice giver. I have tried everything but nothing worked for me, and his is my last option. I’ve tried to avoid it for a long time, but its not getting any better its getting worse.


Ginger Mama

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